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A tumblr dedicated to Republic City's resident racing queen and Avatar Krew member, Asami Sato.
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suave asami takes korra to a bar idk

i like when his hair in a mess

Not Journey of Wan related, but I thought I’d share a sketch I did of Asami from Legend of Korra.

Kicking your ass in pink heels- An Asami Sato fanmix
listen here
Team- LordeDeath By Diamonds and Pearls- Band of SkullsProblem- Natalia KillsDon’t Save Me- HAIMHit Me Down Sonny- the Ting TingsGlory and Gore- LordeRich Girls- the VirginsFantasy- MSMRGirl Like Me- LadyhawkeDon’t Say- Hannah Cohen
~(“Don’t Say” has a different feel to it- you can think that it’s about Asami’s breakup(s?) with Mako, but personally feel like it addresses the deception of her father.)~

i’m not daddy’s helpless little girl

girlfriends at the beach
I fucking suck at backgrounds
(btw my birthday is saturday. I accept all forms of korrasami as gifts)
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